Gravel and Crushed Slate - delivered in Bulk Loads.

Bulk Loads

Ordering your Crushed Slate or Gravel Bulk Load.

Bulk Loads of Crushed Slate and Gravel Delivered Directly To Your Home or Site. We have made ordering a bulk load as simple as ordering a 25kg bag! Simply call us to get a quote and begin the process.

Gravel Bulk Loads


Please note that bulk loads are delivered using large, heavy vehicles it is your responsibility to ensure good levels of access. If a vehicle cannot gain access and make a delivery you will still be required to pay the cost of transport. In addition any damages caused to drives etc by the weight of these vehicles are your responsibility - a full vehicle can weigh up to 44 tonnes and in very rare cases this can cause damage to underground pipes etc. If you have any queries concerning this or any other issue please call us on the number below.